4 Signs You Need to Replace Your Car's Flywheel

30 November 2022
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You probably don't think too much about your vehicle's flywheel or even realize that such a part exists, but you'll certainly be able to tell if it starts to fail. The flywheel is essentially a thick metal disc that connects the engine to the transmission via your clutch. While flywheels are extremely rigid and not prone to failure, they will need to be replaced eventually. 

Once a flywheel has gone bad, it's relatively inexpensive to have it removed and a replacement part fitted instead, and doing so in good time can help prevent damage to other parts of your vehicle. With that in mind, here are just four common signs your flywheel needs to be replaced.

1. Gears Are Slipping

When gears cannot be engaged correctly, they will tend to slip in and out of proper synchronization. There are several reasons why your gears might be slipping, including a damaged flywheel. A flywheel that isn't functioning properly won't be able to generate enough torque, and that can cause the gears to start slipping. This may be down to damage or simply to wear and tear. In any case, you should have the flywheel replaced as soon as possible since slipping gears reduce your control over the vehicle and can end up damaging the engine itself.

2. Vibrating Clutch Pedal

If you notice vibrations coming from your clutch pedal, you could be dealing with a damaged flywheel. This will often happen when the flywheel has become warped, which will cause the engine to shake and produce vibrations that are felt through the clutch. In other cases, wear and tear can cause a flywheel to place too much strain on the clutch, which can also produce vibrations.

3. Burning Smell

Even a small amount of warping can cause the flywheel to rub against other parts, such as the brake pads. The friction created can produce enough heat to slightly singe either part, so you may start to notice a slight smell of burning as you drive. A faulty flywheel may also make the engine work harder, which can cause overheating that leads to a burning smell – in this case, your check engine light will probably illuminate.

4. Rough Performance

One of the main functions of a flywheel is to rotate at the correct speed to ensure smooth starts. However, you may find your engine starting to stall or idle roughly when the flywheel starts to fail. In some cases, a faulty flywheel will mean you won't be able to start your vehicle at all.

To learn more about replacement flywheels, contact an auto parts shop that provides a variety of parts, including Toyota recycled car parts.