Spotting Symptoms Indicating That Your Truck's Flywheel Requires Replacing

27 May 2020
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You may not interact with your truck's flywheel directly, but this truck part is tasked with multiple responsibilities. Not only does the flywheel assist in the starting of the engine and maintaining its motion via providing rotational inertia, but the flywheel is also responsible for transferring the energy produced by the engine to the transmission system.

Considering the critical role the flywheel plays in the overall functioning of the engine, you must pay close attention to changes in how your truck feels when it is on the road. Failure to do so leaves room for extensive flywheel damage that will eventually harm the truck's engine. Read on to learn how to spot a couple of the symptoms indicating that your truck's flywheel requires replacing.

Shifting gears

Although gear slippage is a serious problem to encounter with any vehicle, this is particularly so when driving a heavy truck. Nevertheless, slipping gears come about due to an array of reasons, so some motorists may put off establishing the problem under the impression that they have time to resolve the issue. One reason why your gears could be slipping is due to a worn-out clutch that is causing the flywheel to crack or bend out of shape, which prevents the transmission system from shifting to a different gear.

You may also notice that every time you change gears, it reverts to the previous one spontaneously. Burning odours may accompany this issue, as both the clutch and the flywheel will be overheating. You must seek replacement of the affected truck parts as soon as possible to prevent further damage and to keep your truck safe on the road.

Rattling noises

As a motorist, you likely are familiar with a range of sounds that would alert you to a potential issue with your truck. For example, a squealing noise from your brakes would prompt you to have them lubricated. On the other hand, grinding sounds are usually indicative of an underlying mechanical problem with the gears. However, have you ever heard strange rattling coming from the clutch?

A common reason why you may begin to hear strange rattling noises is when the clutch is unable to engage the flywheel smoothly. Instead, the clutch will snatch and disengage the flywheel, which causes the strange sound. It is worth noting that this issue is sometimes confused for a malfunctioned engine mount. Therefore, it is important to see a mechanic so they can diagnose whether the clutch's assembly is causing the flywheel to malfunction.

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