Why Should You Consider Maintenance-Free Batteries for Your Vehicle?

12 March 2018
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Since the invention of the automobile, traditional batteries consisting of lead terminals, sulphuric acid and distilled water have been used to help power and run these vehicles. While this has been fairly reliable technology, it also required a fair degree of maintenance and the constant input of the owner. These days, there are better options and it's possible to buy batteries that are essentially maintenance-free over their lifetime. What do you need to consider if it's time for you to replace your vehicle's power plant?

The Traditional Way

In the old-style battery, the chemical reaction within the unit would cause the water to be broken down, leading to a release of gases and the subsequent depletion of the water within. The battery would be in a constant state of discharge and recharge and the owner would need to add water often in order to ensure reliable operation.

What's New

The newer batteries that are designed to be maintenance-free feature calcium composition within the terminals and this means that they are more resistant to the buildup of heat, while restricting the amount of hydrogen gas that is built up during the chemical process. Furthermore, hydrogen and oxygen gases are "recombined" into the water, meaning that the fluid doesn't essentially evaporate and as such, will not need to be replaced regularly.

Performance Gains

This type of technology is only a few decades old, but the breakthrough came about when engineers decided to introduce calcium alloy into the make-up of the battery itself. It's much more resistant to vibration, damage or corrosion and the rate of self-discharge is negligible. Furthermore, this type of battery offers higher performance with a more consistent current delivery during operation.

Other Significant Advantages

If you fit a maintenance-free battery with these characteristics to your car, it's likely that you will notice performance gains very soon. For example, the vehicle will be much more responsive when starting in colder conditions and you will find that a "flat" battery will probably become a thing of the past. This type of battery does not have accessible openings, but only features a small vent hole. Consequently, there is less likelihood of any electrolyte spillage and this makes the battery safer for all-round use.

Cranking It up

Have a word with your auto-parts supplier and make sure that you get the latest technology, like pro-choice series batteries, on your side to help you start your car each morning.