Five Questions to Ask When Buying a New Grille for Your Vehicle

10 April 2017
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If you're choosing a new grille for your vehicle, there are several options you may want to consider. To help you hone in on the best grille for your needs, ask yourself these questions as you shop.

1. Does That Grille Provide Ample Air to My Engine?

One of the main purposes of a grille is to allow airflow into your engine. That supports the work the radiator does, cooling down your vehicle, but it also helps keep the engine cool in general. To optimise airflow, you need a grille that is designed to work with your type of car and the type of motor you have.

2. Does the Grille Protect My Engine From Road Debris?

Simultaneously, vehicle grilles are also meant to protect your engine from road debris. To that end, you may want to opt for an aftermarket grille that works with your particular type of road challenges. For instance, if you primarily do a lot of city driving, you may be fine with a mesh grille that keeps out dust and insects. On the other hand, if you drive on a lot of unpaved roads, you may want a more heavy duty grille that can protect your engine from small pebbles and rocks as well as dust and debris. In areas where there are a lot of wildlife crossings, you may want to pair your grille with a roo bar or opt for a grille that has bars running through its design for extra reinforcement.

3. How Much Installation Work Do You Want to Do?

If you're experienced putting on grilles or if you don't mind paying a professional, you may want to choose an aftermarket grille that replaces your existing grille. However, if you want a new grille with a minimum of installation work, you may want to choose a bolt-on grille. These go over your existing grille, and they are the easiest type of grille to install.

4. What Are Your Style Objectives?

Beyond function, grilles add unique style to your vehicle. That affects the colour, the type of metal, and the overall look of the grille that you select. You may also want to entertain the idea of putting on matching front and back grilles.

5. Which Brand Do You Prefer?

Also, note that there are several different companies that make grilles. In some cases, you may want a grille from a company that focuses exclusively on grilles, but in other cases, you may want a grille from your vehicle manufacturer. For instance, if you have a Mitsubishi truck, you may want a matching Mitsubishi grille.

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