How Can You Diagnose Issues with Your Common Rail Injection System?

9 October 2020
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If you are having problems with the fuel delivery system on your car or truck, it could be something to do with the key distribution component known as the "common rail." What is this, and what issues should you be looking for? Gathering Fuel This part is so-called as it gathers and then distributes fuel from one source to each individual injector. All of the fuel, therefore, has to travel down a single rail, which is little more than a long metal tube. Read More 

Spotting Symptoms Indicating That Your Truck’s Flywheel Requires Replacing

27 May 2020
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You may not interact with your truck's flywheel directly, but this truck part is tasked with multiple responsibilities. Not only does the flywheel assist in the starting of the engine and maintaining its motion via providing rotational inertia, but the flywheel is also responsible for transferring the energy produced by the engine to the transmission system. Considering the critical role the flywheel plays in the overall functioning of the engine, you must pay close attention to changes in how your truck feels when it is on the road. Read More